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Extruder Arvitec

AGX SERIES ( Arvitec Genesis eXtruders )

AGX-3000, AGX-4500, AGX-6000, AGX-7500, AGX-9000

Introducing Genesis, the first generation of extruders designed and built entirely from Arvitec technology.


Reinforced structure of stainless steel in square tube, welded and painted. No-thermal dilation system.

Plasticising Assembly:

  • Feeding area: equipped with controlled cooling structure, exclusive Arvitec design, special for the use of specific materials for the co-extrusion of technical profiles.
  • Barrel: Bimetallic alloy with high resistance to torsion, abrasion and corrosion.
  • Screw: design, geometry and surface treatment depending on the needs of the product to be manufactured.

All sets have been tested with the production materials of the most recognized manufacturers TPV, Teknor Apex, Santoprene, Tefabloc, whose results the excellent quality of the results achieved in the extrusion and co-extrusion of technical profiles.

Zambello Reducer of the ZPE RANGE, designed for single screw extruders with transmissible torque in relation to the weight and dimension of the reducer.

Motor ABB and inverter ABB / AC.

Robust and compact engine with low inertia. Forced ventilation and encoder.

Sensors of pressure and melting point of material The sensors in addition to being a safety system for the machine help us analyze the quality of the manufacturing process at any time.

The Melt sensor or mass temperature gauge accurately measures the exact temperature of the plastic mass inside the jacket.

The high-performance electric resistances withstand high temperatures and are manufactured in high quality nicom and micasin, improving thermal stability and longevity.

Electic Box: Control program made by Arvitec, with integral control of the extruder on traces of tactile screen and equipped with Omron and Siemens control systems.

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