Advanced Solutions in Extrusion Technology


Arvitec has been dedicated to investigation and design for more than a decade.

R&DResearch and development are into ADN of Arvitec team, in every project grow our knowledge and it is used on the next one.

Arvitec has been dedicated to research and development for more than 2 decades. After some years and more than 5.000 successful projects, Arvitec has acquired a European cutting-edge technology. Among other important projects, Arvitec has developed the flocking systems for automotive profiles. This fact has allowed us to sell moulds to top companies in the automotive sector.

Our customers can be advised about new products by our R & D department, studying and analysing every project individually using simulation software of the possible assembly movements and profile distortions.



Polycarbonate and Methacrylate

We have deep experience in the Polycarbonate and Methacrylate screens development of a wide range of shapes, dimension and thickness. We also produce mono, co and tri extrusion label profiles and price frames.

Rows and Gauges

Our technology give us opportunity to offer dies and calibrators to manufacture profiles are aimed to different markets as automobile industry, general construction, food industry, electrical household appliances, decoration etc.

Complex Profiles

We manufacture all type of refrigerator gaskets, pipes (we are pioneer in pipe polyunion) and very complex profiles with metallic core (aluminium and steel) insertions or flock brand application in the very extrusion line as well.

Extrusion Calibrators

We have the knowledge to manufacture tools, dies and calibrators for WPC extruded profiles.

Wire Coil

Recently we’re developing in our own tech centre technology to produce filament for 3D printers, starting with usually materials as ABS or PLA but also for more complex and advanced materials as PET, PC, Grapheno, Wood..etc.

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