Advanced Solutions in Extrusion Technology

Extrusion Equipment

At our plant we develop all classes of standard equipment always intended for the extrusion sector and specifically to meet the requirements of our clients.

In addition, together with our partners we include special and tailor-made equipment for all kinds of applications, from laser or ink printers and industrial welders for aluminium or stainless steel, control of artificial vision both on the surface and on the dimensional section, die-cast by design and customised, straight bending and over-injection.

Metal Unwinder

Metal unwinder (A-MU)

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Flock Unwinders

Flock Unwinder (A-FU)


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Carrier Accumulator (A-CA)


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Roll Forming

Roll Forming (A-RF)


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Universal Head

Universal Head (A-UH)


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Calibration Table (A-CT)


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Haul Off

Haul off (A-HO)


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Cutting Device

Cutting devices (A-CD)

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