Advanced Solutions in Extrusion Technology

Extrusion Lines

Customised extrusion lines and co-extrusion lines for any kind of product.

Extrusion lines for PVC, co-extrusion line for PP + TPV , co-extrusion line for PVC + TPV

  • Machinery optimised according to required profile
  • Manual or completely automated extrusion line, all machines synchronise in speed, temperature, location, vacuum , cut to reach an accurate and faster performance.
  • Performance control reports
  • Recording of recipes
  • Faster and easier start up
  • Reduces scrap cost in the adjustment
  • Larger range of profiles to work

All Machinery manufactured and tested in Arvitec.

Equipment Flier
Extrusion Line

What is the extrusion of plastics or polymers?

The extrusion process of plastics consists of introducing a thermoplastic or pelletised polymer into a jacket or barrel of the extruder. This is then heated by means of electrical resistances placed along the sleeve until the material reaches the melting point. Next it is pressed by a screw or spindle through a head with the shape of the desired profile forming a longitudinal section.

What is an extruder?

An extruder is a machine designed for the industrial extrusion process. It consists of a machine, a table and a set of a shirt and a child that is responsible for a better way to use plastic resin and by using a spindle, press the material so that it comes out through the section that has been implanted in the output head.

What is a calibration table for plastic extrusion?

The calibration table consists of a bench equipped with a water and / or vacuum cooling system where the calibrators are installed in charge of shaping, correcting and maintaining the shape of the profile to guarantee the exact measurements of the section.

What is a haul off ?

The drag car is a device composed of two rubber bands connected to a motor, its mission is to accompany the output of the stretched profile so that the section leaves continuously and uniformly.

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