Advanced Solutions in Extrusion Technology

Dies and Calibrators

The exhaustive control carried out of each product allows Arvitec to go beyond market requirements.

Our die-stamping is intended for extruding special profiles for the most common technical polymers such PVC, PP, PMMA, PC, HDPE, LDPE, PS, PU, PA, PE.

We build our profiles with materials with high-resistance to wear and tear, so we achieve high production output and great precision finish.

Although we offer a product with maximum quality we also work to ensure competitive pricing adjusted to the requirements of our clients.

All our products have been tested and calibrated under the strictest quality control. We test all profiles in our extrusion lines according to the specifications indicated by our clients. We conduct production tests and obtain samples for their subsequent verification. If the client requires it we can also set it up on site at their company.

The exhaustive control we carry out in each of the production processes, from design of profiles to moulding, testing and calibration, give us the assurance that we are ahead of the curve in market requirements.

Automotive Extrusion


All types of profiles for the seals of automobiles

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Lighting Extrusion


Tools for extrusion of polycarbonate lighting enclosures

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Medical Extrusion Technology


Die tools for the extrusion of medical tubing

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Construction Extrusion


Die tools for the extrusion of rigid PVC window frames and structure

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Profiles for glass, screens, glazing, with interior magnetic, co-extrusion and tri-extrusion.

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Price Ticket Extrusion


Tools to extrude ticket strips and other retail items

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Ice Cream Stick


Tools ice cream dispensing and other food extrusions

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Extrusion sets specialized to manufacture profiles for fluids filtering, usually for water.

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